Helping those struggling with grief this Father’s Day, by Janet Fanaki

Janet and Adam Fanaki at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, 2017.

Like any other special day in the year, Father’s Day can be both happy and terribly sad for many people. Losing one’s dad, husband or father-like figure can make this day very difficult to navigate alone.

I am reaching…

by Janet Fanaki

Janet Fanaki and her husband Adam in Montreal 2019. Photo cred: Janet Fanaki

When my husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the feeling of abandonment was real.

How could anyone wrap their heads around the idea of someone they know dying in their 40s?

There were times when I would run into a friend who wasn’t even able to…

Janet Fanaki is the creator and host of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast. Photo cred: Dan Pearce/Metroland.

by Janet Fanaki

I write about resilience almost every day. Interviewing EXTRAordinary people around the world on how they find it and what they do to maintain it.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from challenges. …

Janet Fanaki is the lead creator and founder of RESILIENT PEOPLE and The Adam Fanaki Brain Fund

I have been thinking a lot about purpose lately. Why it’s important and how to find one.

My husband Adam passed away in February from an aggressive brain cancer called glioblastoma. …

by Janet Fanaki

Janet Fanaki laughs at absurd comments and uncomfortable conversations
photo courtesy: Maggie Knaus

I recently ran into an old acquaintance who learned of the return of my husband’s cancer.

It took them by surprise that while I was sharing his symptoms, the 10 days of radiation that followed and aggressive intravenous infusion that he was now taking bi-weekly that I laughed about it.

Janet Fanaki

Janet Fanaki is host of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast. She interviews regular people around the world admired for their resilience.

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